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Run a Suite with Test Runner

Last update December 14, 2014

To run a suite with Test Runner, specify the following option:

  • -s or --testSuite name of the suite document

No auditing is performed.

To stage remotely, also specify the following option:

  • -m or --testRegistry name of the registry

An important restriction for remote staging project documents is to have a unique name for all projects. This restriction applies not only to project suites, but also remotely staging project test cases that refer to other assets (like data sets) in the project.

For more options, see Other Test Runner Options.


The following example runs the AllTestsSuite suite that is located in the examples project.

TestRunner -s ../examples/Suites/AllTestsSuite.ste

The following example assumes that the registry is running on another computer.

TestRunner -s ../examples/Suites/AllTestsSuite.ste -m somecomputer/Registry

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