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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.2
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Other Test Runner Options

Last update July 8, 2016

This page describes more options that you can use while running a Model Archive (MAR), test case, or suite with Test Runner.

You can use properties when specifying file names. However, in this context, only system properties and properties that are defined in your property files (,, and work.

When the tests are complete, you can view your reports.

Specify ACL Security Information

The -u userName or --username=userName and -p password or --password=password options pass ACL security information to DevTest. These options are required.

Automatically Start the Test

The -a or --autoStart option automatically starts the test, so you do not need to press Enter after the test has been staged.

Specify the Configuration

The -config or --configFile option lets you specify the configuration to use for a test run.

Test Runner does not understand DevTest projects, so you must provide the fully qualified path to the configuration file. For example:

-config \path\to\lisa\home\examples\Configs\project.config 

Generate an HTML Report

The -html or --htmlReport option lets you have Test Runner produce an HTML summary report for a test case. This option cannot be used for suites.

The parameter after this option must be a fully qualified filename. For example:

-html \some\directory\MyReport.html 

Change the Update Interval

The -u or --update option enables you to change the update interval from the default value of 5 seconds. This interval refers to how often Test Runner writes a status message to the log file.

-u 10 

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