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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.2
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Running DevTest Solutions with Ant and JUnit

Last update December 17, 2014

You can execute DevTest tests as JUnit tests within the execution path of an Ant build.

This feature provides real automated build and test integration opportunities. You can leverage the flexibility of Ant and the simplicity of JUnit with the power of DevTest Solutions to meet the following automation needs:

  • Integration
  • Load
  • Stress
  • Production monitoring

Ant is a Java-based, open source automated software building tool. Ant is extended with support for many third-party tools, including JUnit. For more information, see

JUnit is a Java-based, open source unit-testing framework. JUnit is widely supported by third-party testing tools, including DevTest Solutions. For more information, see

  • The Execute JUnit Test Case/Suite step can execute a JUnit test. DevTest Ant Tasks can run any DevTest test or suite, making the DevTest tests look like they JUnit tests.
  • The JUnit reports and log files are generated only when the junitlisa Ant task is used to run tests.
  • The JUnit step enables existing JUnit test cases to be integrated into the testing workflow. You can use DevTest to wrap the JUnit tests and execute them through DevTest.
  • The junitlisa task enables automating testing without going through the DevTest user interface. The junitlisa task generates an HTML report because there is no user interface that it can send results to.
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