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Conversation View

Last update January 22, 2015

To view a conversation, open the virtual service and select the conversation name from the View drop-down list.

The following graphic shows part of a conversation. The starter transaction is selected.

Screen capture of a conversation.

Each node in a conversation is a logical transaction.

The upper area of a node displays the operation name.

The main area of a node displays the following information:

  • The argument values of the first specific transaction
  • The number of specific transactions

To display a miniature view of the conversation, click Show Outline. This feature is helpful for viewing large conversations.

To delete a node and any of its children, right-click the node and select Delete. You cannot delete the starter transaction.

The Request Data Arguments pane and the Response Data pane contain detailed information about the selected node. The behavior of these panes is the same as for stateless transactions.

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