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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1
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SAP NetWeaver Notes

Last update February 5, 2015

The following protocols are supported for viewing paths, generating baselines, and generating virtual services:

  • EJB (remote interface of session beans only)
  • JMS
  • REST
  • Web service

The DevTest Java Agent includes the property. This property defines the initial context that provides client access to the JNDI Registry Service of AS Java as a name service provider. The default value is To change the value, add the property to the agent element of the rules.xml file. For example:

<agent guid="0" name="A1">

   <property comment="xxx" key="", "value="xxx"/>


The JNDI URLs for SAP J2EE containers are captured with a port of 50004, which is the default port for the P4 protocol. If the application is using a nondefault port, you might need to change the baseline test to reflect the nondefault port.

Artifact generation for JNDI-based protocols is not supported with the new lookup format, which uses key-value pairs (for example, ejb:/key1=value1, key2=value2...). The lookup format that uses the full JNDI name is supported.

For the EJB protocol, the IP address that is captured is the SAP internal server IP address. If you perform tests from an external server using an external public IP address, you might need to change the baseline test configuration in DevTest Workstation before you run the test to reflect this IP address.

When you capture web service traffic, the server URL includes the string localhost instead of the computer name or IP address. Before you run a generated baseline or virtual service, open the baseline or virtual service and locate the occurrence of localhost. The string might be defined as a property in the active configuration. Change the string localhost to the computer name or IP address.

Do not set the capture level for the RMI protocol to Full Data. Setting the capture level to Full Data can cause performance issues.

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