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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1
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Generate a Defect Report

Last update July 7, 2017

You can generate a report for transactions with defects.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Application Insight, Analyze Transactions from the left navigation menu.
    The Analyze Transactions window displays.
  2. Click Graphical .
  3. Click Annotate options and select one or more options to annotate from the menu.
    Frames with violations appear in red.
  4. Right-click the transaction that you want a report and select Shelve or Shelve All Occurred.
  5. Open the Shelf popup or dialog and click Create Document.
  6. Enter the title and click OK.
    The report displays in a browser as a PDF file.
  7. To save, click Save, enter a file name. and click Save.
  8. To print, click Print.
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