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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1
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Annotate a Transaction to View Defects

Last update January 29, 2015

CAI exposes the transactions that have violations and display them in the path. You can shelve the defective transaction to generate a virtual service, baseline test, and documentation.

The Analyze Transactions window in the graphical view contains the following annotation options:

  • Exceptions
    Identify and view transactions with exception violations.
  • Log messages
    Identity and view log messages for errors and warning.
  • Response times percentile
    Set the percentile of the worst performers and view them with in the transaction path.
  • Only show annotated transactions
    View only transactions that were annotated.

The following graphic displays an example of a transaction with annotated exceptions:

Screen capture of transactions with annotated exceptions.

Transactions with log messages that contain warnings are yellow and exceptions, error log messages, and response time violations are red.

Transactions that are annotated and pinned in the Analyze Transactions window appear in the Home page, Point of Interests list.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select Application Insight, Analyze Transactions from the left navigation menu.
    The Analyze Transactions window displays the transactions in a graphical view.
  2. Search for a transaction using the search refinement options.
  3. Click Annotation options Graphic of annotation options button and select one or more options.
    Transactions with defects display.
  4. (Optional) Select a transaction to view more information about a defect.
    The transaction detail dialog displays.
  5. (Optional) shelve the transaction and generate artifacts. For more information about shelving, see Shelving Transactions.
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