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Ensure Result Equals

Last update January 14, 2015

The Ensure Result Equals assertion lets you ensure that a JSON Path result is equal to an expected value.

Complete the following fields:
  • Name

    Defines the name of the assertion.

  • If

    Specifies the behavior of the assertion from the drop-down list.

  • then

    Specifies the step to which to redirect if the assertion fires.

  • Log

    Identifies event text to print if the assertion fires.

  • JSON Path
    Designates an expression that consists of a sequence of JSON properties in a JSON document. The JSON Path represents a path to a destination JSON property.
  • Expected value
    Defines the expected value of the JSON Path result. Two arrays are considered equal when the order of the elements in both arrays is equal, because an array is an ordered list.
  • Run Assertion
    To run and execute the filter, click Run Assertion.
  • Ignore order of array elements
    Two JSON arrays with the same set of elements but different element order are considered equal in comparison.
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