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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1
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Install the HP ALM - Quality Center Plug-in

Last update June 11, 2015

The HP ALM - Quality Center plug-in lets you load and run a DevTest test case as a Quality Center test from the HP ALM - Quality Center suite. You can import into and can run DevTest tests from Quality Center. This integration allows you to take advantage of all Quality Center features while harnessing the power of DevTest testing. By loading a DevTest test case into Quality Center, you get a real-time execution of DevTest tests. You also get the full capture of the test results and DevTest callbacks returning from any system under test. DevTest tests are executable in the workflow of Quality Center, and they report back results to maintain the context and status of the testing process.

The HP ALM - Quality Center plug-in runs on Microsoft Windows.

The following software must be installed:

  • DevTest 8.0 or later, 32-bit version (including 32-bit JRE and 32-bit browser)


    Important! On a 64-bit machine, with a 64-bit DevTest or a 64-bit JVM, your test DevTest cases will not run with the ALM plugin.  

  • DevTest  HP ALM - Quality Center Plug-in
  • HP Quality Center 10, HP ALM 11, or HP ALM 12

HP Quality Center Client Side components for v 10: HP Quality Center Connectivity, HP Quality Center Client Registration

HP ALM Client Side components for v 11 or V 12: HP ALM Connectivity, HP ALM Client Registration

  • .NET 3.5 Runtime

When you install the plug-in on a computer that has DevTest installed, the LisaQCRunner.exe file is added to the LISA_HOME\bin directory. LisaQCRunner.exe is the COM server that gets registered as part of the install process. DevTest is invoked using the Quality Center VAPI-XP interface. The VAPI-XP script creates an instance of our COM object. That in turn stages the test to be executed and listens for the test results. Finally, the COM object takes the results and updates the Quality Center instance with the results from DevTest.

The following files are also installed:

  • Script_Template_js.txt
  • Script_Template_vbs.txt

These files contain scripts that are used during the process of setting up DevTest tests in Quality Center.

Note: For information about using the HP ALM - Quality Center plug-in, see Using CA Application Test.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the .NET runtime is installed on the client computer.
  2. Install the HP Quality Center Client Side components.
  3. Install DevTest.
  4. Go to the LISA_HOME\addons\qc directory and run the td_plugin.exe file.
  5. Complete the wizard steps.
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