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DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1
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Customize the Home Page Dashboard

Last update January 29, 2015

You can customize the Home page dashboard by changing the layout, resizing, removing, and adding portlets. You change the layout of the dashboard by dragging and dropping the portlets into the desired position. Any changes are automatically saved in the database.

The portlet library is available from Config Dashboard to add or remove portlets. The following graphic displays the portlet library:

Config Dashboard portlet library

Follow these steps:

  1. Move the mouse over Config Dashboard .
    The Config Dashboard popup displays.
  2. To remove a portlet, clear the check box or click X from the right corner of the portlet.
  3. To add a portlet, drag-and-drop the option from the list into the dashboard or select the check box.
  4. To move a portlet, drag-and-drop the portlet into the desired position.
  5. Close the popup using one of the following methods:
    • Move the mouse outside of the popup.
    • Click an area outside of the popup.


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