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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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Preview Features

Last update November 28, 2017

This page describes the features that are available in the Sandbox for this release. We are considering adding these features as core product functionality. We are making these features available for you in the Sandbox to try and explore. Depending on your feedback and other factors, these features can change or be removed in subsequent versions at any time.

The following preview features are available in this release:

Feature Description Documentation
DevTest Chrome Extension
Lets you analyze calls and transactions started from the browser. DevTest Chrome Extension
Create From JDBC Lets you virtualize JDBC-based database traffic. Virtualize JDBC Traffic
Enhanced VS Recorder Provides a new workflow for recording a virtual service, using version 2 of the DevTest API. The new version of the API is also used in creating virtual services with R/R pairs and specifications when this preview feature is enabled.

Virtualize Services by Recording (HTTP or HTTP/S) - Enhanced VS Recorder

Select and Configure Data Protocols - Enhanced VS Recorder

Enable and Disable Features

You can quickly enable and disable the features in the Sandbox.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open DevTest Portal.
  2. Click the down arrow to the right of your user name and select The Sandbox.
  3. To enable a feature, click the gray Enabled switch.
  4. To disable a feature, click the blue Enabled switch.
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