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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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New Features and Enhancements

Last update August 6, 2018

Identity and Access Manager (IAM)

Enhanced the Identity and Access Manager feature so that it is now part of the larger DevTest Solutions install and provides authentication for the Enterprise Dashboard.

  • IAM is now responsible for all user and role creation for DevTest. 
  • Role permissions are still defined in DevTest Portal. 
  • Added support for running IAM as a service.
  • Deprecated the adduser command-line utility.

Case Number: F67691

Updated the Following Pages:

Authentication for Enterprise Dashboard

Added authentication to the Enterprise Dashboard. Users are now required to log in before viewing and using the Enterprise Dashboard. This authentication is handled by the new Identity and Access Manager feature.

Case Number: F67691

Updated the Following Pages:

Virtual Service Catalog

Enhancements to Virtual Service Catalog:

  • Separated the Virtual Service Catalog installation from Identity and Access Manager. Virtual Service Catalog is now its own independent install. Identity and Access Manager is now part of the DevTest Solutions install. 
  • Added support for running Virtual Service Catalog as a service.
  • Added ability to view Header details of a response when viewing the details of a virtual service.
  • Replaced the vmoptions file with an application.yml file for configuring Virtual Service Catalog.

Case Number: F60776

Updated the Following Pages:

OpenAPI 3.0

Added support for creating virtual services and tests from OpenAPI 3.0 within the portal.

Case Number: F71204

Updated the Following Pages:

Jenkins Plug-in


Case Number:

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Apache Kafka

Added support for Apache Kafka for the creation of tests and virtual services.

Case Number: F68268

Updated or Added the Following Pages:

Collection of Customer Experience Improvement Data

Enhanced the telemetry feature to increase usability. Telemetry can now be enabled directly from the DevTest Solutions installer or from the file. Also added the ability to capture product version and operating system at the registry level.

Case Number: F61992

Updated the Following Pages:

Improved Testing Execution Reports

Ability to export a report that includes all drill down details into a single PDF file.

Case Number: F65642

Updated the Following Pages:

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