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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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Known Issues

Last update September 10, 2018

SSL Support on AIX

SSL support does not work on AIX.

Cumulative Transactions in Advanced Metrics Graph in Enterprise Dashboard

In the Enterprise Dashboard, cumulative transactions in the Advanced Metrics graph do not show the cumulative amount across months.  The cumulative usage is shown for a given month and then begins again in the next month. For example, if you select January 1 to February 15 you will see a drop in cumulative transactions around the 1 February.  The data is accurate but if you are trying to calculate total transactions across two months you need to take the cumulative amount from one month and add it to the next.

Virtual Service Environment Detail Table in Enterprise Dashboard Shows Transaction Count Inconsistency

In the enterprise dashboard, if you click on the specific VSE in the far left column of the VSE Detail table, another window opens showing Virtual Service details running on that VSE. The total transaction count on this screen may not match exactly with the total transaction count for that VSE on the VSE Detail table.

This issue is due to a slight synchronization issue that sometimes occurs. The total transaction count on the VSE Detail table is the most accurate.

Bar Graphs in The Enterprise Dashboard

Due to limitations in the library that is used for the graphs in the Enterprise Dashboard, some bars may overlap with other bars in the graph.

Viewing Virtual Service Catalog and Identity and Access Manager on Internet Explorer

A known issue can sometimes prevent the Virtual Service Catalog and Identity and Access Manager UIs from displaying correctly. This issue occurs in specific versions of Internet Explorer when combined with specific Windows operating systems. If you are having issues viewing either application in Internet Explorer, you can resolve this issue by modifying your Local Internet security options in your browser settings.

To modify your browser settings:

  1. Click the Tools icon and select Internet options.
  2. Click the Security tab in the Internet Options window.
  3. Click Local intranet as the zone to view or change security settings.
  4. Click Sites.
  5. Clear the Automatically detect intranet network check box and all child check boxes underneath it.
  6. Click Advanced.
  7. If present, remove the URL for Virtual Service Catalog and Identity and Access Manager from the zone and click Close.
  8. Click OK to close the Local Intranet window.
  9. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.
  10. Refresh the page.

Case Number: DE353202, DE350625, DE350641

Ampersand Character in Resource Names

When you create any of the following resources, do not include an ampersand character (&) in the name:

  • Virtual service model
  • Virtual service image
  • Test case
  • Suite
  • Configuration
  • Data set
  • Staging document
  • Keystore
  • Recording session definitions
  • Builder session name

Including the ampersand character can cause unexpected behavior. For example, a SAXParseException error can be generated.

This issue applies to both DevTest Workstation and DevTest Portal.

Case Number: DE254855

Searching for Long Strings in a Virtual Service

The virtual service editor in DevTest Portal includes a search field. If a string in the search field has more than 35 characters, the string cannot be found. The total search query can exceed 35 characters, but each string must be fewer than 35 characters.

As a work-around, you can do a whole word search or can use a regular expression (for example, mySuperLongSearchTerm.*).

Data-Driven Virtual Services

If you use a Microsoft Excel file for an external data set, we recommend that you limit the size of the file. For example, if the heap size is 1 GB, avoid using Excel files that are larger than 3 MB.

Because of the Java APIs that CA Service Virtualization uses to read the Excel files, high memory usage can occur.

As an alternative, you can export the Excel file to a comma-separated value (CSV) file and use that instead.

Oracle New Install Issue

When using an Oracle database for Enterprise Dashboard, the DDLs must be run for a user with All/Admin privileges. Tables will not get created for a user with limited privileges. File Required

When running Enterprise Dashboard with any database other than Derby, you must add the file, that has the database connection information, in the DevTest home folder before starting the Enterprise Dashboard. If you only add the connection properties to, a new file is created automatically, but you must restart the dashboard.

Demo Server Does Not Work on Solaris

The DevTest Demo Server does not work on Solaris. While initializing, it gets the following error:

WARN  [ServiceController] Problem starting service jboss:service=CorbaTransaction

Enabling or Disabling the Enhanced VS Recorder Can Cause Errors

When you have a recorder or any other Create Virtual Service tab open, and you switch on The Sandbox flag (Use Enhanced Recorder), the previously opened recorders start throwing errors and produce unexpected results. If the enhanced recorder setting is on, and recorder tabs are open, turning off the flag also produces errors.  

When the Enhanced VS Recorder is enabled, you must close the recorder to return to The Sandbox.

Perfmon Restrictions

Windows Perfmon Metrics does not work on Windows operating systems that have Microsoft .NET 1.1+ installed.

Case Number: DE281792

Server Component Installation Restrictions

The following issues exist for installations where the data directory is different from the installation directory. This behavior is the same as with earlier releases with a shared directory. We do not recommend splitting the data directory from the installation directory, unless you are upgrading from an existing shared installation.


  • Services are not created on a shared install.
  • You can not start Enterprise Dashboard as non-root user.
  • The registry will start, but springframework has problems because it cannot write files to LISA_HOME.


  • You can not start Enterprise Dashboard as non-root user.
  • The registry starts, but springframework has problems because it cannot write files to LISA_HOME.
  • The broker starts, but gives errors about not being able to write rules.xml, rules.xml.sample, and a directory for solr data.
  • The Portal seems to start, has a reshub problem where the projects directory points to Projects under LISA_HOME, and there is no way to change it without editing a file in LISA_HOME.
  • "Error while retrieving list of Projects. (500 AccessDeniedException /opt/CA/DevTest/Projects/.rhProjectInfo)"


  • You cannot stage a test on OS X with a shared install.

Using Data Files in DevTest Portal

If you run a test case that includes a data file, which references an external resource relative to the project structure, the reference of that resource in the test case will not work when the test runs. For such scenarios you must create a MARI in DevTest Workstation and manually add a reference to the external resource into it. Run the test case using this MARI in DevTest Workstation.

Testing Android Applications on OS X

To test an Android application on OS X, you must unzip the file in the DevTest_HOME\addons directory. The contents of this zip file must reside in the DevTest_HOME\addons directory.

Incorrect Command in Readme file

The Docker examples readme file has the command:

docker build -t devtest-x11vnc-mysql:latest

It should be: 

docker build -t dradis-licensed-mysql

Enterprise Dashboard Time

The timestamps shown on the Transaction Count and VS Count of Enterprise Dashboard are times taken from the server time zone, not the browser time zone.

Standalone Demo Server

You can not run a standalone demo server; that is, a demo server without having DevTest installed.

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