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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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Migrating the SDK

Last update November 28, 2017

Upgrading SDK Components

Using the SDK covers the most common API changes in the most common extensions. This guide is not intended to be comprehensive for everything that can possibly be in an SDK extension. Rather, this guide highlights the SDK API history, including mandatory changes that are required for forward compatibility.

This document is intended for an audience who has studied the DevTest product documentation and obtained DevTest training from CA. Mastery of previous versions expedites the DevTest learning curve. However, only proper DevTest education can prepare you to enjoy a smooth transition and realize maximum value.

We highly recommend that you engage professional services to assist with the DevTest upgrade. Contact your account manager for more details.

Note: All SDK components must be compiled with Java 8 to run in DevTest 10.2.

This guide is organized by component. It provides the relevant history of each component, starting with LISA 4.0 or the version in which the component was introduced.

The most effective way to use this guide is as follows:

  1. Identify the section for your component type.
  2. Identify the subsection for your current version.
  3. Follow the notes on the API changes through the latest version and update your code as required.

SDK Documentation

The following SDK documentation is available:

  • Using the SDK
  • JavaDocs for DevTest Solutions are available in the doc folder of your installation directory.
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