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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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DevTest Installation Overview

Last update September 10, 2018

Use the following guidelines to install DevTest Solutions for the first time:

  1. Download DevTest Solutions installers.
  2. Store the devtestlic.xml license file on the target system. 

    Note: Record the location of the license file for future use by CA Support.

    Note: To upgrade from DevTest 10.3 or earlier, you must request a new license file. For more information, see License Administration.

  3. If you are using the generic UNIX installer, supply your own JVM.
  4. Install DevTest Solutions on as many systems as you need. When you install the first DevTest Server, select New Enterprise Dashboard and browse to the devtestlic.xml license file.

Post-Installation Steps

  1. Configure Identity and Access Manager.
  2. Configure external databases.
    Note: There is no migration path from the Apache Derby database that is installed with DevTest Solutions to an enterprise-grade database. If you use Derby, you must re-enter the mandatory user authentication (role) data when your system becomes generally available, where an enterprise-grade database is required.
  3. Activate the Enterprise Dashboard and all registries.
    1. Activate the registries.

      Note: This process also activates the Enterprise Dashboard with a product key.
    2. Verify registry activations. (New or upgrade)
  4. Perform post-installation tasks.
  5. (Optional) Install more workstations with the Demo Server for use with each registry.
  6. Verify the installation.
  7. To prevent unauthorized use, change the passwords for standard users.
  8. Install the integration tools that you need.

When the installation is complete, see Administering for details on setting up ACL-enforced security and honoring your license agreement.

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