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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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CA Application Test Tutorials

Last update December 15, 2016

This section contains a series of tutorials that illustrate various aspects of CA Application Test. The tutorials are sequential. Complete them in the order presented.

The first few tutorials walk you through using DevTest Workstation to build simple test cases. You become familiar with basic concepts such as projects, properties, data sets, filters, and assertions.

The subsequent tutorials help you acquire deeper knowledge about how to set up test steps to interact with and test several common technologies. These technologies include Java objects, web pages, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), web services, and databases. You also learn how to stage a quick test.

To perform the tutorials, you must have DevTest Workstation installed and you must have access to a registry.

Some tutorials use the Demo Server as the system under test. For information about installing the Demo Server, see Installing.

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