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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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DevTest LPAR Agent

Last update November 12, 2015

The DevTest LPAR Agent is a z/OS resident agent that runs as a started task. The agent can be installed on any LPAR in the z/OS Sysplex. The agent provides a single point of contact for the DevTest registry (and therefore DevTest clients) to communicate with other DevTest z/OS agents. The agent enables DevTest to know which z/OS CICS agents are up and running and some basic configuration information about those agents. The LPAR Agent also provides a means to group DevTest z/OS CICS agents if multiple DevTest LPAR agents are defined to the z/OS Sysplex.

The agent can operate in client mode, where it makes the connection to the DevTest registry.

The agent can operate in server mode, where it accepts connections from DevTest registries.

The following graphic shows the components of the DevTest LPAR Agent and DevTest CICS Agent.

LPAR Agent Overview

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