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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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DevTest Java Agent

Last update December 3, 2015

The DevTest Java Agent is a piece of server-side technology that can be installed inside Java processes, including Java EE containers. The agent enables DevTest to control and monitor server-side activities.

The agent can do what most profilers do: monitor loaded classes/objects, CPU usage, memory usage, threads, track method calls, and so on. However, the agent works across multiple Java virtual machines and is used with DevTest to bring unique features to testing.

In particular, the agent provides visibility into the actions that a test or test step causes the servers to do behind the scenes. This capability can help identify bugs and bottlenecks. This capability is similar to what Application Insight does. However, it works across all protocols that the Java applications use without the need to instrument any code or even any configuration files.

The agent also supports CA Service Virtualization. The agent enables record and replay of traffic and method calls across protocols. The agent gives CA Service Virtualization complete control of the areas of the target application that you want to virtualize. The agent provides a unified framework to accomplish this functionality regardless of the protocol.

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