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DevTest Solutions - 10.4
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License Administration

Last update July 23, 2018

This page gives an overview of  transaction consumption based licensing, the license requirements and how to obtain a new license for DevTest 10.4 or later.

Beginning with version 10.3, DevTest Solutions has a new transaction consumption licensing model. 

License Requirements

Upgrading to DevTest 10.4

  • To upgrade to DevTest 10.4, you must request a new license file.
  • A new license file does not change your existing licensing model.

Renew a Current License

When you renew your current current license, the new licensing model is applied.

New Customers

The new licensing model is applied that tracks transaction consumption for new customers.

How to Request a New License File 

To use DevTest version 10.4, you must request a new license. There are several scenarios when you will be required to request a new license.

  • To upgrade from DevTest 10.3 or earlier.
  • Your license file is expired.
  • You want to install multiple Enterprise Dashboards with pre-defined Mac addresses.

To request a new license file, please follow the steps below:

  1. Collect the Mac address of the machine where you will be installing the Enterprise Dashboard.
  2. Identify the name and email address to send the license file.
  3. Contact the Customer Assistance Team to request a new license in one of the following ways:
    • Call the Customer Care Hotline at (800) 225-5224
      1. Select Option 2, Customer Care.
      2. Select Option 1, License Keys.
    • Fill out a Generic Customer Care Web Form online:
      1. Fill out the Customer Care form.
      2. Select CA Licensing as your request type.
    • Go to CA Support.

      1. Click Sign In and enter your credentials.

      2. Click Case Management.

      3. Select Licensing in the Product field.

      4. Complete the rest of the form and click Submit.
  4. The Customer Assistance Team will create a new license file (devtestlic.xml) and send it to the email address identified in step 2.

You can download DevTest Solutions directly from the Download Management section of the CA Support site

Track Reporting and Consumption

Licensing reporting and consumption are shown on the The Enterprise Dashboard.

For more information about how to track consumption of your transactions see:  Features and Functionality of the Enterprise Dashboard
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