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CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.2
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Last update August 31, 2017

UIM includes user interfaces that you can use to manage and configure your UIM deployment:

  • Infrastructure Manager is a Windows-based interface for configuration and management of your UIM system.
  • Admin Console is a management console that allows you to perform many of the same functions of Infrastructure Manager using a browser-based GUI.
  • Unified Management Portal (UMP) is a web-based portal that lets you discover devices and view your data, alarms and messages in a variety of ways.


Admin Console can be used to configure probes on a secondary hub, but it must be hosted on the primary hub. For Admin Console to run, the following probes must be active on the primary hub:

  • service_host

  • monitoring_services

  • ids_services

  • automated_deployment_engine

  • admin_console

When using Admin Console to configure probes on a secondary hub, the following probes must be deployed to the secondary hub:

  • ppm
  • baseline_engine
  • prediction_engine

The baseline_engine and prediction_engine probes are dependencies of the ppm probe, and will automatically be deployed when you deploy the ppm probe.

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