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CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.2

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) is a network management solution that enables you to monitor and manage performance and availability across complex environments. The flexible, modular, and scalable architecture allows you to rapidly add new IT monitoring capabilities as your infrastructure evolves.

Please note that the user information for CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes is now available at the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes space. You can use the window below to search the Probes space from this site.

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Getting Started

An overview including user roles and getting started information.

Upgrading & Release Notes

Release notes and upgrade information.


Information and procedures to install all UIM components.


Information and procedures for administrative users.

Monitoring Your Environment

Procedures to set up system and application monitoring.


Information and procedures for end users.

Development Tools

Learn about the APIs and SDKs available for developers and advanced users.


Review parameter descriptions and extended options.


View troubleshooting tips and error messages.