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CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.1
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Probes Fail to Start After UIM Server Installation

Last update December 4, 2014

Installation on Windows:

After installation on Windows, some probes may not start due to lack of available system resources.

To fix this, edit registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System \CurrentControlSet \Control \Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows:


ObjectDirectory=\Windows SharedSection=1024,3072,512,Windows=On SubSystemType=Windows ServerDll=winsrv:UserServerDllInitialization,

3 ServerDll=winsrv:ConServerDllInitialization,2 ProfileControl=Off MaxRequestThreads=16

Change the value 512 to 1024. For more information, see the User32.dll or Kernel32.dll fails to initialize Microsoft support article.

Installation on all platforms

Several components are distributed and configured during installation. On slower systems, some probes might not be started after installation. This can be detected in Admin Console or Infrastructure Manager, and is fixed by manually activating the probe.

Upgrade on all platforms

If you upgrade UIM Server and you have UMP installed, restart the wasp and dashboard_engine probes to avoid any issue logging into UMP after the upgrade.

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