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CA Top Secret® for z/OS - 16.0
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OMVSGRP—Assign an OMVSGRP Segment and Default Group

Last update December 11, 2015

Valid on z/OS 1.13 and below.

Use the OMVSGRP control option to specify an ACID that provides the OMVSGRP segment for an extract (REQUEST=EXTRACT call) for any group that does not have an OMVSGRP segment.

Note: If OMVSGRP and OMVSUSR are both defined in the parameter file, and you want to change them through the TSS MODIFY command, you must issue the command for OMVSUSR before issuing the command for OMVSGRP.

This specified ACID will also be the value used as DFLTGRP for an extract for any user who does not have the DFLTGRP field defined. The ACID is not used as a default group for such a user at signon time.

All entry methods are accepted.

This control option has the following format:

  • acid
    Specifies an ACID that provides the OMVSGRP segment (for groups) and DFLTGRP (for users) on an extract. The specified ACID should be a group ACID and should be given the GID field.
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