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CA Test Data Manager - 4.0
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Last update June 27, 2016

This section describes how to install CA Test Data Manager.

The product consists of the following high-level components:

  • Repository
    Installs a database to store product metadata. Use the database management tools or the database installer (available as a preview feature) to install the repository.

  • GT Server
    Container for the primary CA Test Data Manager components.  Use the GT Server installer to install these components.
    • Datamaker
      The primary interface of CA Test Data Manager that provides a core project and data management interface and several core capabilities, including:
      • Data Discovery
      • Data Subset
      • Data Profiling
      • Data Generation
      • Data Reservation
    • Fast Data Masker
      Provides an interface for masking sensitive production data so that you can use it for testing.
    • Javelin
      Javelin is an orchestration engine for test data provisioning.
    • Test Data on Demand
      Provides a web interface where testers can request and reserve data for their test cases. We recommend that you use the Tester Self Service UI in the CA TDM Portal for this purpose.
    • Remote Publish
      The Remote Publish engine handles remote publish jobs instrumented from outside the Datamaker UI. This component is required for many capabilities, including data reservation.
    • Group Job Executor
    • Test Data Visualizer
      Provides a customizable graphical representation of your test data coverage. Use this component to find gaps in your coverage that you can fill using data generation and other capabilities.
    • GT EDI
      Provides an interface for importing and exporting EDI files so that you can work with the data using components like Datamaker and Fast Data Masker.
    • HP ALM Service
      Provides an integration point for HP ALM.
    • ALM Batch Service
    • GTRallyBatch
    • Portus Job Processor

  • CA TDM Portal
    The CA TDM portal provides a web interface for certain product capabilities. The CA TDM Portal has its own installer.

  • Mainframe
    The product mainframe component. To work with mainframe data, use the mainframe integration artifacts to install the mainframe component.
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