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CA Service Management - 14.1
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Save Search Filters

Last update October 24, 2016

This article contains the following topics:

Basic Search

You can set filter values on the search page of an object to list the corresponding details, or leave the fields blank to display all the details.

Note: If you are using multi-tenancy, a tenant drop-down list appears in the search filter. If you select <empty> from the drop-down list, the search is public.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Service DeskSearch, and select any object.
    The search page related to the object is displayed.
  2. (Optional) Define the required fields for your search criteria. Click Save As to save the filters as your personalized search.

  3. Click Search to display the search results.

  4. Click any link to view the details of that specific result in the list.

    The object details are displayed.

Search Using Personalized Filters

As an Analyst, you can save your search conditions. These saved searches are displayed on the analysts' scoreboard. You need not define the search fields for such objects need not be defined every time a search is performed. Saving the search filters enables users to update the search criteria values and save it for future use. Other analysts can also customize their scoreboards and add these saved searches.

Note: You can save a filter only for those roles for which the scoreboard appears.

By default, you can save a filter for the following objects:

  • Incident
  • Problems
  • Requests
  • Change Orders
  • Issues
  • Announcements
  • Configuration Items
  • Contacts
  • Change Workflow Tasks
  • Issue Workflow Tasks

By default, personalized search options are enabled. For disabling the personalized search options, see the Enable or Disable Personalized Search Options section below.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click a saved search from My Saved Search in the scoreboard.
    The search results appear based on the saved search criteria.
  2. (Optional) Click Show Filter and update the required fields for your search criteria.

  3. Do any one of the following tasks:

    1. Click Save to save the updated filters.

    2. Click Save As to save the search with another name.

    3. Click Search.
      The page displays search results based on the updated search criteria.

  4. Click any link to view the details of that specific result in the list.

    The object details are displayed.

Enable or Disable Personalized Search Options

As an administrator, execute the following command to disable the search options:

pdm_options_mgr -c -s DISABLE_SAVED_SEARCHES -v 1 -a pdm_option.inst

To ensure that the search options update takes effect while running the pdm_configure command, execute the following command with the -t option.

pdm_options_mgr -c -s DISABLE_SAVED_SEARCHES -v 1 -a pdm_option.inst -t

Restart the CA Service Desk Manager Server service.

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  1. Vedran Dolezal
    2015-11-12 07:21

    I have installed 14.1.02 patch but I don't have "Save" or "Save as" options. Any ideas why?

    1. Raghuveer Agarwal
      2015-12-14 12:03

      Hello Vedran Dolezal:

      I am checking to see if you've merged the HTMPL's? If no, please merge the HTMPL's.


      DocOps Services Team

  2. Fabiano Domingues
    2015-12-10 10:43

    Hi Vedran,

    Try clear your browser (cookies, cache, etc). We solved this problem here with this procedure.

    1. Anonymous
      2015-12-14 02:00

      Hi Fabiano,

      Clearing browser cache resolved the issue.


      Thank you,



  3. Karen Matoke
    2015-12-15 04:43

    To turn the option off again, you could re-run the two commands using "-v 0" instead of "-v 1".

  4. Vedran Dolezal
    2016-03-10 09:08

    Now we have another problem with our other customer. The system is upgraded from version 12.7 to 14.1 and 14.1.02 patch is installed. Now, when we log in, lists are not displaying. We figured out the problem is with every list that has new feature of saving searches (list_in, list_cr, list_cnt...). After we disable Save Search Filters option, everything works fine. Any ideas?

    Thank you, Vedran

    1. Madhuri Mishra
      2016-03-14 12:42

      Hi Vedran Dolezal,

      Could you provide the log files that might help the engg team resolve the issue?

      Anil Pajjuri Praveen Chavali


      DocOps Services Team

      1. Vedran Dolezal
        2016-03-14 03:30

        Hi Madhuri,

        The problem was with the msg_cat_site.js modification. After this modification was removed everything started working like expected.

        Thank you, Vedran

  5. Nenad Odic
    2016-04-16 05:59

    Ok did any one tried to edit the saved search Because you can not do it.In fact if you save filter with the same name you will end up with two saved searches with the same name and no possibility to delete either one.Please help I have 14.1.02 clean install and I have applied after that a tone of fix patches amongst them the one for curing duplicating scoreboard for user.What did you did with this saved search "feature" you have created something that we needed but in a way that now it pose a problem.

    1. Madhuri Mishra
      2016-04-17 11:56

      Hi Nenad Odic,

      Could you provide the steps that you executed for this error?


      DocOps Services Team

      1. Nenad Odic
        2016-04-27 09:13

        dear Madhuri I have created filter and saved it . Then selected it and clicked on to show filter and "delete' button is dimmed.Please help.I have administrator role,and have applied two fix patches for score board. I am at 14.1.02 level clean installation

        1. Madhuri Mishra
          2016-05-02 05:51

          Hi Nenad Odic,

          You should be able to delete the filter. There is no restriction about deleting the filter.

          Please verify if the htmpl and js files are applied correctly.

          Anil Pajjuri


          DocOps Services Team


        1. Karen Matoke
          2016-09-05 11:04

          If you had created a scoreboard node instead of using Save As for a saved search, the Delete button would be dimmed when you open the Filter for that node. Suggest to try using Customize Scoreboard to delete your saved search node.

          1. Rajashree Nair
            2016-09-06 02:56

            Hi Karen Matoke, Thanks for the suggestion. We will update the documentation after discussion with Engineering for all the above Commented steps and feedback. 



            DocOps Services Team

  6. J.W.
    2016-10-07 10:04

    The instructions for 'Enable or Disable Personalized Search Options' should include that the Service Desk services will have to be restarted for these options to take effect.


    1. Raghuveer Agarwal
      2016-10-24 04:58

      Hello J.W.,

      Integrated the feedback.



      DocOps Services Team