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CA Service Management - 14.1
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CA Service Management Release 14.1.02 Enhancements

Last update April 18, 2019

CA Service Management 14.1.02 is a cumulative patch for CA Service Management 14.1 release. It includes new features, enhancements, performance and security improvements, and bug fixes. For more information about how to install and avail enhancements for this patch, see Implement the CA Service Management Patch 14.1.02. You can download the patch from CA Support Online.

Following are the new features and enhancements:


CA Service Desk Manager Enhancements

Environment Promotion

CA SDM Administrators can now promote customization, configuration, and application metadata changes (objects and attributes) across development, test, pre-production, and production systems. For example, you can promote the modified forms, new tables, columns, spel, majic files, object data to the production system.

For more information, see CA SDM Environment Promotion.

Save Search Filters

CA SDM now provides an option for analysts to save search conditions. These saved searches are displayed on the analysts' scoreboard. CA SDM search filters are available for all ticket types, announcements, contacts, workflow tasks, and Configuration Items. Search fields for such objects need not be defined every time a search is performed. Saving the search filters enable users to update search criteria values in the search form and save the filter values for further use.

For more information see, Save Search Filters.

User and Group Assignment

Incidents, Change Orders, Problems, and Requests details now have improved filters. The Assignee and Group filters are interdependent. If you select an assignee, the groups that are associated with this assignee are displayed in the Group field. Similarly, when you select a group, assignees associated with this group are displayed in the Assignee field.

For more information, see Incident Management.

CA Asset Portfolio Management

Environment Promotion

CA APM Administrators can now promote configurations, searches, export definitions, lists, and content changes across development, test, pre-production, and production systems.

For more information, see CA APM Environment Promotion.

Unified Self-Service

Customize CA SDM Data Source Property

USS Administrators can now define the maximum number of CA SDM fields that a user can configure in the Unified Self-Service console.

For more information, see Customize the CA SDM Data Source Property in the How to Configure the CA SDM Data Source section.

Configure Visibility of Communities

USS administrators can now enable or disable the Communities for all or specific tenants.

For more information, see Enable or Disable the Community in the How to Create and Manage Communities section.

Manage User Password

USS users can now reset their password from the login page after it expires.

For more information, see Manage User Password.

MDB Level Setting for CA Service Management

CA Service Management now provides you the capability to move MDB from the source system and configure it to work with the target system. For more information, see  Move MDB Database from Source to the Target System.

CA Service Management Common Patch Installer

Use the CA Service Management common patch installer to install CA Service Management 14.1.02 patch. For more information on how to install the patch, see Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.02.

SMPatchReport Utility

Use SMPatchReport utility to identify and list the CA Service Management product patches installed in your system. For more information, see Run SMPatchReport Utility to Get Installed Patches List.

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  1. Lumir Botur
    2015-11-10 03:49


    i think that link "For more information, see Run SMPatchReport Utility to Get Installed Patches List." is broken. > Page Not Found.

    Lumir Botur

    1. Karen Matoke
      2015-11-10 03:53

      Hi Lumir,

      I had a similar problem with a different page.  My suggestion, and what worked for me, was to refresh the page (go to the URL in the web browser, mine was IE, and click enter at the end of it).  I am able to view the page at the link you mentioned, without any error such as broken link.



      1. Malathi Bondili
        2015-11-10 05:10

        Hello Lumir:

        Please check now. We fixed the link.

        Malathi Bondili
        Information Architect