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CA Privileged Access Manager - 2.8.3
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Integrating an AWS API Proxy

Last update March 29, 2017

By deploying an AWS API Proxy, you can manage users API access to the AWS Management Console through CA PAM. This scenario assumes a network administrator coordinates with (or assumes the role of) a CA Privileged Access Manager administrator.


Obtain the following licenses to use the AWS API Proxy feature:

From Amazon:

An AWS (Amazon Web Services) account from Amazon (

From CA Technologies:

  • An AWS Management Console license. This license is based on the number of people who acess the AWS account management screens.

  • An AWS API Proxy License. Obtain one license for each CA PAM appliance (hardware or virtual) owned.

  • A license that specifies the required number of AWS API Proxy User accounts. These accounts are the users that are assigned the role of AWS API Proxy User in the PAM UI. Apply this license on the Config, Licensing page of the PAM UI.

  • Access to the AWS API Proxy AMI in the AWS Management Console.

Follow these steps to deploy AWS API Proxy:

  1. Set up AWS Environment
  2. Configure the Server for Proxy
  3. Set up Proxy Structure
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