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CA Panvalet - 14.6
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Last update October 26, 2018

This section describes the ABEND codes that are issued by CA Panvalet programs and all messages that are displayed on the operator console and system print unit by CA Panvalet. Their cause and the suggested action to take for correction or recovery are explained.

All CA Panvalet programs display messages to document events that occurred during execution of the library functions. They typically appear only to inform you of the action that is taken by the CA Panvalet system. These messages are displayed on the system print unit with the list of the CA Panvalet input stream.

Some messages might require you to take action. When an inconsistency exists in the CA Panvalet library due to improper device assignment, file specification, or if DASD read/write errors that are encountered on the CA Panvalet library, an appropriate message appears on the operator console in addition to the system print unit.

Actual messages that appear on the operator console or the system print unit are presented with their cause and the suggested action to take for correction or recovery.

For a message description, type the message number and click Search:

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