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CA Network Flow Analysis - 9.3.2
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Last update December 7, 2015

CA Network Flow Analysis can be integrated with CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) to display flow information.

The views displayed are:

  • Stacked Protocol Trend - In
  • Stacked Protocol Trend - Out
  • Top Hosts
  • Top Conversations

The Advanced tab is available when you select an individual interface in USM. The Advanced tab displays graphs for SNMPcollector probe metrics, as well as the following CA NFA views:

  • Stacked ToS Trend In
  • Stacked ToS Trend Out
  • Top Hosts per ToS
  • Top Conversations per ToS

Drilling down from within any of these views opens CA Network Flow Analysis. Users can navigate back to the UIM console by clicking the portal link in the NFA console.

The CA Unified Infrastructure Management documentation can be accessed here, or you can use the field below to search the CA Unified Infrastructure Management documentation from this site: 

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