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CA Experience Collector
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Browser Agent Profile Management

Last update June 8, 2017

The Browser Agent posts the collected end-user monitoring data to Digital Experience Collector. 

This page contains the following information:

Browser Agent Files

CA Digital Experience Collector installation provides default JavaScript files (BA.js and BAExt.js) and a default profile JSON file (profile.json). Use the profile.json file and the BAExt.js file to manage and extend the Browser Agent. You can customize the BAExt.js and profile.json files by the requirements for specific tenants and applications. When the application is accessed, the profile.json with or without an optional BAExt.js are served to the Browser Agent.

Note: CA Technologies is not responsible for maintaining the version of the various JavaScript files, profile.json files, and the directory structure.

The /browserAgent/wa/ba/default directory contains the following files:

  • BA.js 
    BA.js is the Browser Agent JavaScript. Do not edit the BA.js file. Digital Experience Collector does not validate an edited BA.js file.
  • BAExt.js
    BAExt.js is the Browser Agent JavaScript file that is used to extend the Browser Agent. Extending the Browser Agent is optional. You can edit this file to allow custom measurements of JavaScript frameworks, transaction trace properties, and name formatting by adding custom JavaScript. The sample BAExt.js template is in the /browserAgent/wa/ba/default directory.

    Do not edit this file from this location. Copy BAExt.js to a specific profile folder and then edit the copy of the file.
Note: The clear versions of the JavaScript are available in the DigitalExperienceCollector /browserAgent/js clear directory. You can use the clear versions instead of the minified versions of the JavaScript files. The clear version of BA.js is helpful when debugging and BAExt.js can be used to customize.

Digital Experience Collector maintains the Browser Agent files in the browserAgent directory and subdirectories. The following example shows the Browser Agent directory structure:

Digital Experience Collector install directory

Customize the Browser Agent Profile

The /browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app directory contains the default profile.json file. The profile.json file is used to create tenant-specific profiles. You must create directories for any new tenants and apps. Each profile is specific to a tenant and an application. CA Digital Experience Collector serves the Browser Agent profile to the Browser Agent.

Note: One tenant can have multiple applications but an application can belong to one tenant only. CA APM does not support multi-tenancy. One tenant with multiple applications is sufficient in most cases.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the /browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app directory.
  2. Open the profile.json file in a text editor.
  3. Specify the location of the Digital Experience Collector in the collectorUrl property:

  4. (Optional) Edit the profileId and profileName properties (which are unique):

    "browserAgentEnabled" : true
    "pageLoadMetricsEnabled" : true
  5. Save and close the file.
  6. Push changes to the Digital Experience Collector using the following command:

    bin/  -baDir   <DigitalExperienceCollector>/browserAgent/wa/ 

Disable Browser Agent

You can disable the Browser Agent.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile.json location, for example: /browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app.
  2. Open the profile.json file in a text editor.
  3. Set the browserAgentEnabled property to false:

    "browserAgentEnabled" : false
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Push the profile directory structure to Digital Experience Collector using the following command:

    ./  -baDir   <DigitalExperienceCollector>/browserAgent/wa/

More Information:

Advanced Browser Agent Configuration

Advanced Configuration for Browser Agent Profile in Digital Experience Collector

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