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CA Common Services for z/OS - 14.1
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Message Reference

Last update July 27, 2018

Messages are generated to describe normal processing, warning situations, and error conditions that might occur. 

Note: You can browse CA Common Services for z/OS messages and download a PDF or EPUB file by going to CA Common Services for z/OS Messages. You must sign in to download a PDF or EPUB file.

Enter the message number in the following search box. The search results contain all product messages, including an explanation and workaround.

The search supports wildcards.

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  1. Ronald Lind Jr
    2017-03-13 11:18

    The message reference PDF doesn't have any messages in it. It's worthless.

    1. Bauman, James A
      2017-03-13 12:38

      Hi Ronald - 

      The PDF for this space contains minimal, if any messages. From this article (or the Home Page), you plug in a message number that lets you search for messages in the following DocOps platform:

      Note: The above DocOps contains just under 10000 messages, so a PDF is enormous! 


      1. Open
        Note: This is the Viewport theme for our DocOps platforms. The Viewport them is much faster than the Confluence theme and contains other usability benefits. For example, TOC sync, custom PDFs and EPUBs, and robust search results.  
      2. From the Home Page, scroll down to the Message Reference facet (box), type CAS9* in Search this product (wildcards supported), and press Enter or click the magnifying glass.
        Result: All messages prefixed with CAS9 display in a pop-up window.
      3. Scroll to find the message for which are searching and click the message number. The pop-up window contains navigation controls.

      Its that easy!

      If you prefer a PDF, open Log in. From the Home Page, click PDF (top right corner for the screen). You must log in to download a PDF. If you choose this option, please be prepared to wait a while. To generate a PDF for this space, DocOps must assemble and publish nearly 10 thousand messages/articles. 

      I hope this information is helpful!


      Jim Bauman