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Install the .NET Agent for CA Digital Experience Insights

Last update February 12, 2019

The .NET Agent allows enterprises running .NET applications to identify and resolve performance issues. 

After you get access to CA Digital Experience Insights Application Performance Management, you download and extract the .NET agent. You install the .NET agent interactively by starting the .NET agent installer program and responding to the prompts displayed. For information about downloading this agent, see Configure and Download an Agent Package for CA Digital Experience Insights.

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  1. Daniel Eig
    2018-01-10 11:43

    Can we get more information on steps 12a, 12c, 12d, 12e. Where do we get this ? 12c is particularly confusing. Maybe an example would help?

    1. Maria Wasilewska
      2018-01-11 02:48

      Thanks for the  comment Daniel.

      We'll look into this.

    1. Wren Withers
      2018-10-22 03:59

      Hi Daniel,

      I think the instructions gave such detailed info that they were confusing! I've simplified the steps. You'll see the changes in the DocOps site next time we publish APM SaaS doc.


  2. Norris Graves
    2018-05-15 06:11

    This parameter should be be displayed differently. Bad= agentManager.url.1= good =agentManager.url.1=https://

    1. Wren Withers
      2018-10-19 10:18

      Hi Norris,

      I've made your fix. You can see it the next time the APM SaaS public doc is published.

      Thanks for improving the doc,