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CA API Gateway - 9.3
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Release Notes 9.3

Last update April 8, 2019

This page contains information about the CA API Gateway version 9.3.

Tip: If you are reading these Release Notes offline (for example, as a PDF or in the offline documentation), please visit to ensure you are viewing the latest content.

Distribution Archives for 9.3

Release 9.3 is distributed across the following .ZIP archives. Download the ones you need. For detailed instructions on how to access these archives, see "Obtain the Patch Files" in Patch an Appliance Gateway or Patch a Software Gateway.

Archive File Name Contents
CA API Gateway Virtual RHEL Appliance OVA-9.3 Virtual RHEL Appliance Gateway OVA image 
CA API Gateway Virtual RHEL Appliance Imager-9.3 Virtual Appliance Gateway Imager ISO image

CA API Gateway Virtual CentOSApplianceUpgrade-9.3 Application and Platform Upgrade patch files, Thales HSM library
CA API Gateway Virtual CentOS Appliance OVA-9.3 Virtual CentOS Appliance Gateway OVA image

CA API Gateway Software Installer Upgrader-9.3 Gateway software install for Solaris and Linux, Application Upgrade patch file - L7P
CA API Gateway RHELApplianceUpgrade-9.3 Application and Platform Upgrade patch files, Thales HSM library, JDK Update patch

CA API Gateway PolicyManager-9.3 Policy Manager installers (Windows & Linux)

CA API Gateway DevelopmentTools-9.3.00 Custom Assertion Developer Kit, Gateway Management Developer Kit, Gateway Management Client, Gateway Migration Utility

CA API Gateway CustomAssertions-9.3.00 Custom Assertion installation files for: Oracle Access Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, CA Single Sign On, Salesforce Connector, Symantec, JSAM
OTK Installers 4.2.00 OAuth Toolkit Installer Solution Kit and Database Scripts
CA API Gateway Hardware RHEL Appliance Imager-9.3

Hardware RHEL Appliance Imager ISO file

CA API Management Technical Documentation

Most CA API Management technical documentation is contained within this Docops site ( Remaining documentation in non-Web format include:

Looking for the Custom Assertions documentation?

These user manuals are now incorporated into this Docops site.

Looking for the Enterprise Service Manager documentation?

The Enterprise Service Manager documentation is now located in its own Docops space:

Other CA API Management Online Documentation

CA API Gateway Offline Documentation

A special offline version of the CA API Gateway documentation is available for deployments where Internet access is disabled due to security reasons.

After downloading, follow the instructions under Install Offline Help.


CA API Management Product Information

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