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CA API Gateway - 9.3
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Using the Container Gateway

Last update July 26, 2018

The Container Gateway form factor allows the CA API Gateway to be deployed in a PaaS environment as an industry-standard container.

Tip: The Container Gateway replaces the "Gateway Docker Appliance" that was available prior to version 9.3.

This chapter describes how to run the CA API Gateway in a Docker-native or an OpenShift Origin environment using these tools:

  • Docker
    • Engine (Docker CLI)
    • Machine
    • Compose
  • OpenShift
    • CLI

The Container Gateway configuration is intended for system administrators or experienced developers.

Before you use the Container Gateway, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • A license XML file for your CA API Gateway
  • A computer with at least 8GB of RAM
  • A high-speed Internet connection (initial download is about 1GB in size)
  • Access to the Docker image. The Container Gateway docker image can be obtained from caapim/gateway.

If you obtained the Gateway Docker image from a local Registry server (not the Docker Hub), contact your Registry server administrator for credentials.

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  1. Case Farley
    2018-05-16 02:36

    Where are the instructions (or a link to instructions) on how to add APIs to the docker gateway from the command line, or to provision a Docker Gateway from scratch with services installed? Almost all docker users will want to do one or the other.

    1. Carl Lum
      2018-05-17 12:58

      Hi Case. I'm not sure. That content may be missing. I'll check with the team and get back to you. 

      1. Carl Lum
        2018-05-17 02:32

        Hi Case. The information you need is already documented in this topic:

        To summarize, you will do this:

        1. Create a service/policy and export into a bundle using the Gateway Migration Utility.
        2. Use dockerfile to copy the bundle files to the image.
        3. Launch the image and the services will be installed (provided that the license has been installed properly).